Tom Commerford is a professional composer, arranger, and sound designer. He is affiliated with ASCAP and would be happy to discuss your original music needs. His music is suitable for all forms of media including film, video, television, radio, and web sites. The following are samples from his current portfolio.
Synapse (2.4 MB MP3)
When the brain fires in unplanned ways, strange things can happen. One of twenty winners in an international production music contest sponsored by Extreme Music and Post Magazine.

"I like this one. The title is a bit pretentious but very quirky writing. Weather Report with the wrong drugs."
Hans Zimmer
Composer (The Lion King, Prince of Egypt, Thin Red Line, Gladiator, Black Hawk Down etc.)

Sly Dog (1.0 MB MP3)
Slightly urban with a little attitude.
Somethin' Out There (1.0 MB MP3)
Dedicated to all the little green people.
Nothin' To Hide (2.7 MB MP3)
Subtle synth tones drizzled generously over a funky rhythm bed.
F. Unky (1.8 MB MP3)
Earth Wind & Fire meets the new millennium.
Pyramid (1.7 MB MP3)
Smooth but still funky.
Way of Life (.7 MB MP3)
Secrets (.7 MB MP3)
Great Day (1.4 MB MP3)
Inside Outside (.7 MB MP3)
Red Jack Chili (.8 MB MP3)
Concepts, copy writing, composition, arrangements, and production -- Tom Commerford. Professional voice talent was secured for voiceovers.
This Old Man (1.8 MB MP3)
The timeless children's classic in a Pop setting.
Bring a Torch, Jeannette Isabella (1.9 MB MP3)
A small acoustic ensemble revives this familiar Christmas selection.
Off The Beaten Path
Wiggler (1.0 MB MP3)
Tribal and hypnotic.
Bar Fly (.5 MB MP3)
James Bond meets the common house fly.
Hi I'm Bob (.5 MB MP3)
The theme song for any annoying person you've ever met.
Manhattan (2.0 MB MP3)
Orchestral opening followed by a jazz flavored main section.
First Light (1.1 MB MP3)
Peaceful, guitar and cello highlights.
Dawn (1.0 MB MP3)
Uplifting mid-tempo cut with oboe solo.
Whisper (1.0 MB MP3)
Ambient acoustic piano with subtle electronic support.
Hot In Here (.4 MB MP3)
Electronic and orchestral elements combined in an adventure flavored blend.



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